Historic Rhino Translocation in Akagera National Park

Historic Rhino Translocation in Akagera National Park

Kyle de Nobrega

In November 2021, 30 southern white rhinos were translocated over 2,000 miles from South Africa to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park, becoming the largest rhino translocation in history. This was made possible through the collaboration of African Parks management, the Rwandan Development Board, the Howard G. Buffet Foundation, and &Beyond. In 2010, the Rwandan government invited African Parks to manage Akagera National Park, which was left devastated by the aftermath of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Together with the Rwandan Development Board, African Parks reevaluated the park’s law enforcement and prioritized community engagement. This transition resulted in the park offering education and job opportunities for the surrounding community, showcasing the importance and value of conservation and ensuring wildlife and people coexist and thrive.

White rhinos released in Akagera, Rwanda.

Drew Bantlin

It has been almost a year since Akagera welcomed 30 white rhinos and became the biggest rhino translocation in history. Since then, the rhinos have been successfully adjusting to their new habitat and calves have recently been born, demonstrating how this translocation has positively transformed this park into a haven for rhinos.

Watch the biggest rhino translocation project in history below: