Suzi Eszterhas
  • Wide-Eyed, Wobbly Rhino Calves October 26, 2021

    Newborn rhinos will be up and walking within its first hour of life, albeit a bit wobbly. Small in comparison to its towering mother, a rhino calf can still weigh between 88 and 140 pounds at birth. These tiny giants spend the first few years of their lives joined at the hip to their doting mothers.

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  • Watch the Rhino Recovery Fund's Wildlife Conservation Expo Talk October 8, 2021

    As this fall's Wildlife Conservation Expo draws to a close, take this opportunity to watch the Rhino Recovery Fund's amazing presentation on the work being done to protect rhinos and rebuild their habitats. This presentation features the Tsavo Trust and their mission to safeguard black rhinos in Kenya.

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  • Returning Black Rhinos to Gonarezhou September 28, 2021

    Markus Hofmeyr watched the trucks rumble across the Zimbabwean plains and approach the gates of Gonarezhou National Park. On-board was a sedated black rhino, resting comfortably after a long journey to reintroduce rhinos to the park, where they once roamed until poaching claimed them all.

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  • Celebrate Black Rhinos and World Rhino Day September 22, 2021

    Today is World Rhino Day, a chance to celebrate these exceptional animals and bring awareness to their plight. To honor this special day, we created a visual story highlighting the recent reintroduction of black rhinos to Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe.

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  • Captive Breeding for Sumatran Rhinos Set to Increase September 15, 2021

    There are less than 100 Sumatran rhinos left, with the vast majority of them concentrated in key protected areas like the Leuser Ecosystem and Way Kambas National Park. Captive breeding efforts must intensify in order to give these rhinos a shot at bouncing back.

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  • Javan Rhino Population Continues to Slowly Grow August 30, 2021

    A few months ago, it was reported that two new Javan rhinos were spotted in Indonesia's Ujung Kulon National Park, the only remaining home in the wild for Javan rhinos. Recent news continues this exciting trend, as another new pair of calves have been seen in the park.

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