Suzi Eszterhas
  • A Safe and Bizarre Method of Protecting Black Rhinos April 16, 2021

    To reduce incidents of rhino poaching, conservationists have taken to translocating rhinos to safer areas. This often means airlifting them by helicopter, and often upside down. While it may seem strange, even cruel, to transport these huge animals in such a precarious fashion, there is increasing evidence that this method of translocation is the best option.

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  • Orphan Rhinos Get a Second Chance March 31, 2021

    With a mouthful of grass, Arthur lifted his head to glance at Summer grazing nearby. Arthur never wants to be far from Summer—in two years, their emotional bond has grown as sturdy as their mammoth physiques. The pair were orphaned when their mothers were poached for their valuable horns in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

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  • Grassroots Conservation is Needed to Continue the Rhino Poaching Decline March 15, 2021

    Rhino poaching is declining across Africa thanks to law enforcement crackdowns in key countries like Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Yet in order for this positive trend toward recovery to continue, more than mere legislation and policing is required.

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  • Data Shows South Africa's Private Parks are Better at Preventing Poaching March 3, 2021

    A study in South Africa shows that there was a drastic decline in rhino poaching incidents last year. This good news was coupled with another interesting fact—private parks are doing a better job at protecting rhinos from wildlife criminals than national or provincial parks.

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  • Sumatran Rhinos Face Increased Threats in a Shrinking Home February 12, 2021

    In a recent Mongabay article, the director of the Alliance of Forest Integrated Conservation reported that the critically endangered Sumatran rhino is being increasingly threatened by forest fires and poaching in Indonesia's Way Kambas National Park. This 321,000 acre zone is one of the last strongholds of the rarest, smallest rhino species left on Earth.

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  • Care for Wild Gives Orphaned Rhinos a Second Chance January 28, 2021

    In the past six months, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, a RRF grantee, has rescued seven orphaned rhinos. These are just the latest additions to Care for Wild's program to rehabilitate these calves and eventually release them back into the wild once they are grown. These orphans lost their mothers to poachers in South Africa.

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