Sinamatella Lion and Rhino Protection Project

Peter Lindsey
Grantee Bhejane Trust
Type Protected Area Management
Location Sinamatella, Zimbabwe
Species Black Rhino
Grant Amount $20,000
Duration 1 year

Sinametalla was declared an Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ) in the 1990s, when there were believed to be 90 black rhinos. By 2018, no more than 5 or 6 rhinos remained due to poaching. Bhejane Trust set up the Rhino Monitoring and Protection Unit to establish the status of the black rhino in this IPZ, finding that there were more than initially thought: 11 black rhinos in total, including 2 calves. Their main objective is to protect this core group so that they may continue to breed and expand the population. With RRF funding, they are hoping to increase patrolling in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority.