Protecting Wild Sumatran Rhinos in West Leuser

Suzi Eszterhas
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Grantee Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL)
Type Protected Area Management
Location Indonesia
Species Sumatran Rhino
Grant Amount $99,944
Duration 1 year

According to the IUCN, Sumatran rhinos are classified as Critically Endangered and are perilously close to extinction, with only approximately 80 individuals remaining. While the zero-poaching rate for rhinos has been maintained since 1992, poaching remains a threat, along with habitat loss. The Leuser Ecosystem supports the largest, and possibly only, viable population of Sumatran rhinos, which makes Leuser a critically important habitat for this species. The RRF’s support to Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL) will continue their applied conservation work in the West of the Leuser Ecosystem in the hope of increasing the Sumatran rhino population, restoring the health of the ecosystem, and building public awareness and long-term stewardship. In order to achieve this, FKL will recruit and train more rangers, monitor the biodiversity of the ecosystem, build a reforestation unit and plant seedlings, and create education materials for local communities.