Protecting Black Rhinos in Tsavo West National Park

Shaun Mousley
Grantee Tsavo Trust
Type Protected Area Management
Location Kenya
Species Black Rhino
Grant Amount $100,000
Duration 1 year

In 1940, there were an estimated 20,000 rhinos in Tsavo National Park, but by 1989, poaching decimated the rhinos and less than 20 individuals remained. The founding of Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary (NRS) and the Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ) resulted in an increase in the rhino population, so much so that they have reached their carrying capacity in the sanctuary. With RRF funding, Tsavo Trust’s main focus is on growing the rhino numbers in the western part of Tsavo National Park through boosting security and monitoring outside the sanctuary in anticipation of rhino releases. To achieve this, Tsavo West IPZ needs to be at a level where Kenya Wildlife Service is confident to further populate the IPZ with translocated rhinos from NRS, and this project will provide additional support to get there.