Addressing urgent rhino conservation needs in Mozambique

Grantee Mozambique Wildlife Alliance
Type Tackling Trade in Rhino Horn
Location South of the Save River in Mozambique
Species Black and White Rhinos
Grant Amount $50,000
Duration 1 year

Mozambique currently has 40-60 rhinos (both black and white) in the Greater Lembobos Conservancy, but historically both black and white rhinos were common across the entire Mozambican territory. To aid the Administration of Conservation Areas, Mozambique Wildlife Alliance (MWA) was awarded a grant from the RRF to address the core challenges specific to rhino conservation in Mozambique. MWA, also a Lion Recovery Fund and Elephant Crisis Fund grantee, has three ambitious goals—to develop a Mozambican wildlife veterinary operation, to develop a national strategy for the conservation of rhinos in Mozambique, and to set up a unit that will focus on wildlife crime.