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Rhinos are threatened by wildlife crime and habitat loss. Reconsider to learn why rhinos are in trouble and what we can do to help them recover. 

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Safeguarding rhinos and their landscapes

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Today, fewer than 26,000 rhinos remain in Africa and Asia. Poaching for their horns and habitat loss continuously threaten the future of these distinctive giants. Of the five remaining species of rhino, three of them—black, Javan, and Sumatran rhinos—are Critically Endangered, and as recently as 2018, the northern white rhino subspecies has gone extinct in the wild.

But it’s not too late to save rhinos. If we act now and support efforts to protect rhinos, this remarkable species will thrive again.

The Rhino Recovery Fund (RRF) invests in the most effective organizations and projects dedicated to defending our remaining rhinos and supporting their recovery. By funding the best efforts aimed at stopping rhino poaching, ending demand for their horns, protecting rhinos' natural habitats, and making rhinos relevant to the societies that live with them, the RRF will help restore healthy rhino populations across Africa and Asia. Read about our latest updates in our 2022 Update and about our strategy here.

100% of every dollar donated to the RRF will be deployed to the field, ensuring that every individual makes an impact toward saving rhinos.